We touch here on some of my mathematical interests. At the present time, they are mostly the wedge product, geometric algebra, and multivariable analysis. The reader is directed to the relevant pages. It is my hope to be able to add, from time to time, a further comment or note of interest.

The serious mathonaut may also be interested in the websites of the Mathematical Association of America and The American Mathematical Society.  MAAAMS The MAA is particularly interested in teaching and exposition at the college and university level; the Association has a number of beautifully written books in its bookstore ranging from a level of accessibility to the complete novice up to works of interest to graduate students and researchers. The AMS is much more oriented toward high-level research, however they have at least one continuing publication, What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences, which is filled with articles guaranteed to delight a broad spectrum of both science and mathematical junkies.  whats_happening-8